Last Update 26/03/16 
  FOMO 2016 at Arcachon in France CONFERENCE: 10-17 September 2016 // SUMMER SCHOOL 3-10 September 2016

Scope of the Conference

The phenomenon of de Broglie waves has evolved from textbook experiments on the foundations of quantum mechanics to a new kind of optics based on matter waves. Today, this field extends from experiments about wave-particle duality, coherence and decoherence in light-matter systems, non-linear optics, atom optics and interferometry, and optics in periodic media for precision measurements..  

Tailoring different types, and the generation of complex matter waves promises to perpetuate the fascination of this field over the next decade. This conference aims to bring together high-ranking scientists sharing this fascination and working at the frontiers of matter wave optics. Space will also be allotted to new and hot topics in the field of matter-wave optics.

Location of the Conference

The conference will be held in in the Hotel Les bains d’Arguin, in a conference room for 150 people. Lodging will be available at the hotel itself and at Domaine de la dune where there will be a separate conference room, as well as additional rooms for posters and exhibits.

Conference Flyer

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