Last Update 26/03/16 
  FOMO 2016 at Arcachon in France CONFERENCE: 10-17 September 2016 // SUMMER SCHOOL 3-10 September 2016

Scope of the Summer School

The summer school, will consist of ten courses covering the wide area of matter-wave physics and its applications:

  • Cold atom techniques
  • Atom lasers
  • Atom Interferometry based detectors of Gravitational Waves
  • Geophysics and Geodesy
  • Technological developments in Atom Interferometry
  • Matter wave Interferometry
  • Tests of Gravitation
  • Metrology and Clocks
  • Hydrology
  • From lab experiments to operational integrated matter-wave sensors

The complete liste of speakers and the exact summer school programme are now available.

Location of the School

The school will be on the "Domaine de la dune” in Arcachon, where there will be a conference room, lodging and meals, as well as some additional rooms for posters and exhibits.




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