Last Update 7/09/16 
  FOMO 2016 at Arcachon in France CONFERENCE: 10-17 September 2016 // SUMMER SCHOOL 3-10 September 2016

Summer School Programme



Summer School Speakers:

  • J. Close
    ANU, Camberra - Australia
    Cold atom techniques
  • F. Schreck
    UVA, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
    Atom lasers
  • J. Hogan
    Stanford - USA
    Atom Interferometry based detectors of Gravitational Waves
  • J. Flury
    IFE, Hannover - Germany
    Satellite Gravimetry and Reference Frames, Terrestrial Gravimetry
  • K. Bongs
    Univ. Birmingham - UK
    Technological developments in Atom Interferometry
  • A. Ludlow
    NIST, Boulder, CO (US)
    Optical Lattice Clocks


  • A. Cronin
    Univ. Arizona - US
    Matter wave Interferometry
  • P. Wolf
    SYRTE, Observatoire de Paris - France
    Tests of Gravitation
  • L. Hollberg
    Stanford - USA
    Metrology and Clocks
  • P. Bouyer
    LP2N, CNRS/Univ.Bordeaux/IOGS - France
    Atom Interferometry
  • V. Menoret
    muQuans, Bordeaux - France
    From lab experiments to operational integrated matter-wave sensors
  • K. Gibble
    Penn State Univ. - US
    Ultracold scattering of atomic coherences in clocks and interferometers.
  • M. Himsworth
    University of Southampton, UK
    Engineering cold atoms for your pocket



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