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  FOMO 2011 Conference: Tirol, March 20-26

Invited Speakers

  • Philippe Bouyer - Quantum transport with matter-waves
  • Marc Cheneau - Single-site-resolved detection and manipulation of atoms in an optical lattice
  • Naceur Gaaloul - Interferometry with Bose-Einstein Condensates in microgravity
  • Saïda Guellati-Khélifa - New determination of the fine structure constant and test of the quantum electrodynamic
  • Elmar Haller - Three-body loss and three-body correlations in one-dimensional systems
  • Selim Jochim - A tunable few-fermion system
  • Mark Kasevich - Quantum metrology with cold atoms
  • Carsten Klempt - Pair correlated matter waves for quantum interferometry
  • Arnaud Landragin - Cold Atom Interferometers for inertial measurements
  • Christian Lisdat - The Strontium Optical Lattice Clock at PTB
  • Oliver Morsch - Coherent control of dressed matter waves in strongly driven periodic potentials
  • Markus Oberthaler - Quantum Atom Optics: Spin squeezed states and atomic two-mode squeezed vacuum
  • Peter Rosenbusch - Spin self-rephasing and very long coherence times
  • Christophe Salomon - Clocks, atom interferometers and tests of the gravitational redshift
  • Luis Santos - Spinor gases in optical lattices
  • Jörg Schmiedmayer - Probing non equilibrium physics in 1d quantum many body quantum systems by interference
  • Thorsten Schumm - A down-conversion source for twin-atom beams
  • Augusto Smerzi - Multiparticle Entanglement for Quantum Interferometry
  • Sebastian Will - Time-Resolved Observation of Coherent Multi-Body Interactions in Quantum Phase Revivals
  • Wojciech Zurek - Causality in Condensates

Contributing Speakers

  • J. Arlt - Pump-probe spectroscopy in an optical lattice
  • P. Berg - Matter waves for rotation sensing
  • D. Cassettari - Novel Optical Traps for Ultracold Atoms
  • S. L. Cornish - A Quantum Degenerate Mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs
  • S. Eibenberger - Matter wave interference with complex molecules
  • S. Gardiner - Bright Matter-Wave Soliton Collisions with Controlled Relative Phase
  • P. Haslinger - Setting up an all optical time domain Talbot-Lau Interferometer for large metal clusters
  • A. Hemmerich - Coherence and chiral order in higher bands of an optical lattice
  • A. Lazarides - Strongly interacting bosons in a 1D optical lattice at incommensurate densities
  • G. Modugno - Exploring the physics of disorder with a tunable Bose-Einstein condensate
  • M. Hauth - GAIN --- a high-precision mobile gravimeter based on atom interferometry
  • D. Poletti - Cold atoms in a 1D periodically driven system
  • H. Ritsch - Cavity QED with ultracold gases
  • G. Rosi - The MAGIA experiment: status and prospects
  • S. Slama - Plasmonic nanopotentials for cold atoms
  • J. K. Thompson - Conditional Spin-Squeezing of a Large Ensemble via the Vacuum Rabi Splitting
  • M. Trippenbach - Mean field effects on the scattered atoms in condensate collisions
  • H. Ulbricht - Molecule interferometry
  • W. v. Klitzing - Ultra-sensitive atom imaging for matter-wave interferometry
  • B. S. Zhao - Quantum Reflection of He2 Several Nanometers Above a Grating Surface
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