Last Update 18/10/10 
  FOMO-2010 Conference: Crete, April 6-11

Traveling to and in Crete

To Crete by plane

You should travel to Heraklion airport, from where we will provide a shuttle service to the conference center and back. There are two main carriers to Crete from Athens: Aegean Air and Olympic Airlines. In the summer there are also a number of international flights to Heraklion. If you require assistance please contact

To Crete by boat

There are now three ferries going between Athens (Piraeus) and Heraklion: Minoan, Super fast and ANEK. Online booking of tickets is possible directly or via all ferries.

Around Crete

Transport to and from the airport is available. Please inform of your arrival times.

If you would like to spend some more time to travel around Crete, you can either take the buses, or rent a car. Special prices are available from here.

In Crete

Closer to the start of the conference we will post here the bus schedule to and from the airport as well as some useful tips about traveling on Crete.

You might find the following websites useful:


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